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$25 Target Giveaway, Turning Junk into a New Oven and Tips For A Succesful Garage Sale

January 31, 2014

I’m giving away a $25 Target gift card 😉  The contest is open until next Friday, 2/7 at 1159pm.  The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on Saturday morning: 2/8. Here are the different ways to be entered, each line item you complete is another entry:

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Samsung Oven

 We had junk, and lots of it.  My husband and I got in the habit of hanging on to anything we didn’t use anymore in hopes of selling it in a garage sale.  That day came and went, and omg…..people LOVED our stuff!!!!!

Despite the fact that it is a LOT of work to have a garage sale, it was quite worth it.  Disclaimer: If you are 8.5 months pregnant, try to do the prep work the 2 days leading up to the sale. Do not start at 900pm the night before when an alter ego named Bruhilda might come out and make an appearance, you’ll recognize her: cranky, irritable and quite frightening.

People came, they finagled our prices, and we sold almost everything. We made $913!!!!!!! That was about $500 more than I thought we were going to make.  I think what made us so successful was the location of our signs, the cheap prices of our goods, and our cheerful spirits of course! Here’s the bummer: the money is gone!  In Spanish we would say: ya se fue.

Our oven was circling the drain until it finally died a few nights before the sale.  The night of the sale my husband and I headed over to Lowe’s with our garage sale cash. We spent about an hour looking at all the different ovens, but they all seemed so………expensive.  We really liked the Samsung ovens they had on display, they were a little out of our price range.  I asked the salesman if they had any blackbox specials or any returned ovens that they would sell for a discounted price.  A few minutes later he came back out with a Samsung oven that was more expensive than the ones we were looking at. He said “This one was bought, never delivered or installed. The person just changed their mind. It’s a new oven minus the box it came in.”  It was still wrapped in plastic. It retailed for $1299 and he was asking $900.  I asked if he would take $850, he came back with $875…….SOLD!!!!!  Here are some things we learned about having a garage sale:

1. Have great signs at great locations!  Think neon. I went to Michaels and bought one bottle of black kids washable paint and 10 posterboards in various neon colors: green, orange and pink. I wrote “garage sale” and our address in the paint and my husband put them at the 10 nearest major street corners near our area. A few minutes after they were posted people started pouring in.

2. Price to sell: No one wants to buy your used t-shirt for $5. Price things reasonably so people will buy LOTS of your stuff.  We figured anything that didn’t get sold we would donate….might as well sell it if you can 😉 I also noticed people calling other garage sellers telling them to come and check out our sale.

3. Preparation and Presentation:  Bruhilda wouldn’t have come out if I had started preparing at least a day or two ahead of time.  I would suggest using the inside of your garage to organize your stuff into different piles of interest. The morning of, all you have to do is drag your stuff out on your driveway and you are done.  Another thing I realized was: the more visible things were, the more likely they sold.  Make things look pretty: hang your clothes, display all your hats, no one likes looking through a pile of clothes on the floor.

4. Keep your non-negotiables, non-negotiable: My husband sold three of his surfboards.  Since they are of more value, we figured that we were going to hold firm on their prices because we could always sell them on craigslist.  The first few people tried to bargain us down, but eventually all our non-negotiables sold for our price!  Three surfboards and one guitar were our big ticket items. We had a table that was out that didn’t sell, we are currently listing it on Craigslist.

5. Sell until you can’t sell anymore:  We were selling stuff from 7am to about 130pm.  The last few people purchased a good amount of our stuff. I’m glad we kept it going for awhile, in that last hour and a half we made at least $150.  Get a book, a chair and hang out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  24. February 25, 2014 10:50 am

    You are absolutely going to love that oven. We have the same in our house. It is quite energy efficient, easy to use, easy to clean and looks good in most settings. The storage drawer is the only thing you have to be careful using. It can come off the rails easier than I would have expected. Still, I would give it two thumbs up.

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