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Fridays-Day Trip to Truckee

August 30, 2013

My FriDAY post turned into a Friday NIGHT post because:

1. It’s close to one million degrees outside right now and it’s essential to be inside so I don’t melt.

2. What better thing to do right now than to blog and maybe play some piano.

3. Because I’m a nurse and I have a weird schedule….sometimes a Friday night feels the same as a Monday night.

4. It was way too pretty during the day to be inside blogging.

We tagged along with our friends to Lake Tahoe last month, and they had a tradition to spend one night in Truckee. We had so much fun!!!!! I would highly recommend making the trip to Truckee if you are in the Lake Tahoe area. Truckee is about a 45 minute drive from where we were staying in South Lake Tahoe. While planning your overnight excursion to Truckee, be sure to check the weather in advance. It felt at least 10 degrees hotter in Truckee then Lake Tahoe, so I would suggest going when the weather is supposed to be cold and crappy.

There are a few, limited options available for lodging. I feel that this is great for negotiating a nightly rate since the hotels and bed and breakfast places usually have vacancy. We were able to knock off $25 for one night just because we asked 😉

Truckee is a quaint little place with alot of charm. We were able to spend a few hours there on the morning of the 4th of July. They have a little town parade that these people are serious about.  My friend and I cruised by the festivities and joined an old man for some random dancing in the street (we tried to rally others but they weren’t going for it…boooooooo). It was pretty epic!

Here are some things we did when we visited Truckee:Truckee

1. We took a picture by the Truckee sign.  Be sure to check out the CA89 store, they play outdoor movies in the summer for $2 a person!  Sweet deal!


2. We got an ice cream to cool down. There are a few different options in there shopping area. You can’t go wrong with a scoop of Mint ‘N chip on a scorching hot day 😉


3. We window-shopped. There are so many fun and unique stores. My favorite store was Bespoke, I could have easily spent an hour in that store looking at all the different stuff they had.  Their greeting cards were adorable!!! From books, to clothes, to household decorations, you are bound to find SOMETHING unique in that store that would suit you.





4. We dined at Cottonwood. The food was delicious, the view was amazing and the live music provided for wonderful ambiance.  Be prepared to spend a pretty penny. I would make this your splurge for the trip.  It’s best to reserve a spot on the patio and be sure to check their website ahead of time to find out when they have live performers.


5. We joined in the 4th of July Festivities. If you are visiting at this time, this is a must-do!


Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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