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Fridays-Time to celebrate!

June 21, 2013

Today is my friend’s 28th birthday!  Yeay Kathy, Happy Birthday!!! We met 13 years ago on the volleyball team in high school. I will never forget when she got in a fight for me….we won’t get into the details of that.  All I know is that time flies way too fast! Our high school reunion is this year….yikes!

I am so excited for my sister-in-law’s baby shower tomorrow!  I’m so stoked that soon, we will be having a little baby girl at all of our family events.  She is going to love her auntie so much, and want me to hold her all the time. I just know it!

Husband and I celebrated our 4-year-anniversary last week. We got dressed up (to us beach folk, that means putting on our nice flip flops, a dress and a button-up shirt,) and used a gift card for dinner. There is no shame in using a gift card for your anniversary!

This week also provided time for a fun girls night!  There was 8 of us that made it, we went to happy hour at Lumberyard, walked around and grabbed yogurt on the way home.  My husband took one for the team and went over to my friend’s house to watch her baby until her husband came home. If he didn’t, I don’t think we would NOT have made the happy hour!  Love that man!

Some fun things from the past few weeks:

proverbs 3:6


{Glorious day at the Beach}


{Our Mother’s Day Meal, complete with home-made empanadas }


{Dinner after my last day at my old job}


{Hanging out on the beach with husband.}

Early Bird

{Delightful breakfast at Early Bird Cafe in Fullerton.}

Happy Feet{Happy Feet and my little sister playing in the bushes}

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