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Frugal Trip to Solvang

April 15, 2013

Every year in January, we partake in a mini-family reunion trip to Solvang!  I look forward to it every year!  Solvang is a charming, quaint Danish town. It has lots of fun stores to visit, danishes to eat and wineries to try!

Since we go with family every year, we are blessed to be able to stay at our aunt’s large, beautiful house. There are three things that have become tradition for this trip:

What a good-looking bunch ;)

What a good-looking bunch 😉

1. Total food fest: We eat tons of delicious food at the house and in town. My mother-in-law and aunt can whip up a storm in the kitchen! If I haven’t gained 5 pounds then I’m not properly participating.

2. Nerts card game:  It’s a speedy card game that the whole family plays every year!  It gets very competitive, you better hope your partner is fast or it’s time to trade!

3. Trip into town:  There is so much to explore in town. Admiring the architecture alone is fun; you feel like you are in a different time period.


Here are some of my suggestions for your frugal trip to Solvang:


Travelzoo: I love that Travelzoo will put out some awesome deals that will sometimes include breakfast, lunch, dinner, or wine tasting passes.  I would suggest signing up for their top 20 weekly emails. Just browsed their website and found this sweet deal.

Priceline: I love surprises!  Whenever I do purchase a room on Priceline, I always bid on a price.  The way that it works: you bid on a price, then find out if a hotel in your desired area has accepted that price.  The element of surprise is finding out WHICH hotel accepts your price.  I used priceline for our backpacking trip to Europe and I was never disappointed!

Places to eat a treat:

Mortenson’s: Pick up your favorite Danish pastry here, my favorite is the classic cheese danish.


Solvang Restaurant: Home of Arne’s famous Aebleskiver. What is an Aebleskiver you ask?  It’s a danish pancake, usually ball-shaped and served with confectioner’s sugar and jam. It’s amazing, and I have a tendency to eat at least 5 in one sitting.

Solvang restaurant

Things to do:

Visit the Book Loft: Grab a coffee from their coffee store and check out their fun books, and their Hans Christian Andersen museum upstairs.

The Book Loft

Go for a bike ride or a run:  Last year I went running in the mornings with my sister-in-law.  There are tons of big hills and great views to be explored in Solvang.

Visit the wineries: I have yet to do this but know of many friends who have and loved it!  There are several wineries in the area and I would keep tabs on Groupon or Travelzoo for some good deals.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!


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  1. April 16, 2013 7:17 am

    You HAVE to go to the wineries! Good stuff there!

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