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Work: the friend I never knew I had.

August 20, 2012

That’s right, work is my friend.  Sure, there were plenty of days when I didn’t want to go, but ultimately I realized that work is my ally and a tool to help me build wealth.  Do you ever work with those people who complain about how they want to go home, or how they don’t want to be there?  I used to be one of them: last to get there and first to go home.  Who wants to be around those people?  I surely don’t. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to not work?  To have everything provided and handed to you?  Think that would change your character?  It certainly would.

Beach pier
With our goal of paying off the house, it has been essential to work. Work=money.  It’s so interesting how my whole attitude has changed since we have started our mortgage payoff.  I actually enjoy working 16 hours shifts….oh yeah, I said it. I enjoy my job, interacting with my coworkers, and the check I get after I work a 16 hour shift! Work is now an incredibly enjoyable experience for me, except for the occasional obnoxious patient…we’ll save that for another post 😉  A few years back I would often wonder about what I would do if I won the lotto.  If I had won a few years ago it would have been a disaster!  I probably would have blown all my winnings  on frivolous “stuff” that I didn’t need and would have nothing to show for it.  When you work hard for a major goal, EVERYTHING changes: your heart, mind, soul, character, spending,and recreational habits.  You learn to become more self-disciplined.

It’s fun to see my outlook changed: the every-day mundane “task” of going to work has turned into an exciting event that I desire more of.

Questions for you: Are you a “complainey” pants at work (as Mr. Money Mustache would say)? Do you work with “those” people? What is it that fires you up?

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  1. Dawn permalink
    August 20, 2012 9:00 am

    I work with “those people” but I’m the resident therapist in my office so I’m not surprised they are “complainey”. Maybe I should invest in earmuffs. Very simply, my kids fire me up. Trying to make sure I set a good example and set them up for success.

    • August 20, 2012 10:13 am

      Kids are probably the most exciting thing to work for! What an awesome motivation, they will see you blaze the trail and want to grow up to be hard workers just like you 😉

  2. August 20, 2012 10:12 am

    I still day dream about the lotto…but I never play so you see how that one’s going :p It’s so great that you’ve found a field you love enough to not be miserable while you’re there. I feel like I’m kind of lucky in that way, too. I love your attitude…work being your ally is a great way to look at things!

  3. August 20, 2012 10:32 am

    Not to sound cheesy, but I am personally very happy to have such a good job! I have bad days but I try not to complain too much. I feel very blessed and lucky.

    • August 25, 2012 2:33 pm

      That’s awesome!!! Such a great feeling to wake up and not DREAD going to work 😉

  4. August 20, 2012 10:33 am

    I complain about having to go to work a lot- but then when I am unemployed, or when my work schedule isn’t very busy, I find myself wishing I had more work to do to structure my time better.

    • August 25, 2012 2:38 pm

      I’m the same, always wishing for what I don’t have…..what’s wrong with us? I definitely enjoy work and that doesn’t detract that it’s time-consuming.

  5. August 20, 2012 3:37 pm

    Whenever I start thinking about parts of my job I don’t like I remind myself of all the reasons I do what I do. It makes me want to skip all the way to work. Assuming that I’d skip (which I don’t) and that I don’t work in my house (which I do). So, I really don’t skip to work. But I smile.

  6. August 20, 2012 5:08 pm

    Actually the people I work with are what makes my job great. we do whinge every now and then but that’s to be expected! My boss is now a friend and I’ve been busy making myself indispensable to him. I like to help people out and learn new things.

    • August 25, 2012 2:51 pm

      That’s the way to go. I’ve heard once that if people do one of the following three things, people will want to work with you: Do your work, Be on time, or be pleasant to work with. That’s it!! I met someone who is living in Perth the other day and I thought of you, he is researching estuaries over there! What do you do for work?

  7. August 27, 2012 11:22 am

    It’s true. I liek getting out and working with my hands. I don’t always like getting up early and I don’t always like who I work for and what I do; but overall, I do like being productive. If I didn’t have to work, I think I woudl still be busy everyday fixing the house up and helping friends/family fix up their places too.

    • August 29, 2012 4:03 pm

      I would like to say I would do the same if I didn’t work. I think I would spend alot more time volunteering or doing medical missions.

  8. August 27, 2012 9:57 pm

    There is lots about my job I could complain about and have! I work at a private school so I won’t ever get rich there and the workload can be overhwhelming sometimes. However, I love working where I can integrate my faith with my vocation, and since my job is to market the school its great that I have a “product’ I can believe in. I like your post that reminds us that if we are working toward a goal it make you like your job more. On long days I remind myself that my job provides a way for our kids to be enrolled at a Christian school and helps pay for our son’s college tuition. So I see it as an investment of my time for my children’s future. I think we all dream of winning the lotto, but then you hear all these horror stories of how it ruined people’s lives, friendships, marriages so maybe “Ho, Ho, its off to work we go!” is better.

    • August 29, 2012 4:45 pm

      That’s awesome!! Your work is fueling your desire to have your kids go to a Christian school! So awesome! Sounds like you are also using your job to serve and minister to others, you are the “light” of God 😉


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