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Delightful Friday

April 6, 2012

Another Friday is here!  Hallelujah, we all survived the week!  Let’s look at a killer beach day:


Spring is definitely here.  We just purchased a brand new Canon G12. We saved up cash for about 3 months and bought it outright!  Feels great to not have a credit card bill to worry about later.  We’ve been playing around with it and it’s been so much fun.  Spring is definitely here! This is a shot from our Japanese garden.Spring

We found this angry watermelon bird on our trip to Guatemala with the organization Kids Around the World.

Watermelon Bird

Super bummed, just last night I did this to the car as I was backing out of my parking space after work.  It’s pretty dark on the rooftop, and I forgot I parked next to a pole! WHAT A DING-DONG I AM!

Dent in the car

I thought this pin would be the most appropriate for this week. Life is too short to get all stressed out that I put a dent into my car. Instead, I should be grateful I didn’t hit another car, that I wasn’t injured, that there was no MAJOR damage done the car, etc.


What REALLY makes me feel better, is watching the following video.  No matter how perfect something seems, it never is. Stuff happens, you get up and keep on going.  Happy Friday!

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