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Belle-Jack Johnson

March 19, 2012

So here is the deal:  My dad started taking me to piano lessons when I was 4 to the age of 15 at the Yamaha School of Music. I took a few classes in college here and there, but I really, REALLY miss playing the piano regularly.  I even won a talent award when I competed in the Miss California competition back in the day! I am hoping that this blog will help hold me accountable to practice more and learn new songs regularly.  Being a Frugal Nurse can be very stressful, and doesn’t leave much time to practice anymore ;(  I have decided that I need to make the time to play!  My goal is to post a new song at least 3 times a month 🙂 I promise I will never torture you by singing along, because it would blow out your ears and you wouldn’t be able to hear the beautiful piano! I am very rusty, so please bear with me…..Here it is:

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